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    Game Development


      I'm looking for approximately 2-7 qualified individuals to develop and create a new online fighting game resembling that of Capcom with chars such as Ryu, Akuma, etc. It's very enjoyable and fun, and requires the following qualifications. Experience is an asset.


      Must have:
      - Macromedia Director MX 2004
      - Knowledgeable in the language of Lingo.
      - Knowledgeable in Director MX 2004
      - You must know how to program a fighting basically.

      ... that's pretty much it (may have forgotten a few things), but the main is YOU MUST KNOW to use Director and be able to develop a fighting in shockwave online.

      You will be supplied:
      - Everything you need from sounds, graphics, and more.
      - Details on what the game is all about.

      That's it for know, further will be revealed in the email, contact me ASAP at:

      This is a fun way of making some extra cash... payement method: PayPal (more details will be discussed on the matter).