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    DataServices Grid Wizard Populates, but AddItem Form does not even call the PHP member

    Mark Robbins 312 Level 1

      I am using FB trial. I created a project with PHP backend, and when I click on the 'Connect to Data/Service' link in the Data/Services Tab, I select PHP in the wizard, next, I click 'generate a sample' link and do a 'from database'.

      The db connects and I choose my Testtable, [id, text]. OK. (I already have Zend installed and working.)

      The wizard is filled with Service details about my TesttableService. NEXT. It shows me the operations. FINISH.

      The *.as, and TesttableService.php service files are generated. All is well so far.

      I drop a datagrid on my form and link it to the getAllTesttable(), run the project and it works.


      I generate a form from the createTesttable() and use defaults: Service Call, New Service Call, TesttableService, createTesttable(), form for input:Y, form for return:Y, make return editable:Y... NEXT.

      Input parameters on the next page all look proper and checked. FINISH.


      Two forms appear and I run the project. They do not work.


      However, if I test the createTesttable() using the 'test operation...' context menu. It adds a record as it should.


      When I test the app, using the generated forms, it does not even call the php function (Ive put a error_log() call in that php function).


      So, since the 'test operation...' works, I presume the problem is not on the backend. I've traced the code call on the front end and it seems good. I am assuming the problem lies in the construction of the Testtable item parameter somewhere. This is all generated code, I haven't coded a line.


      Can anyone help me? This is crazy.