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    wrapping text - accordion header

    colo_fish Level 1
      I'm new at this and I need to be able to wrap text in something like (okay... just like) an accordion. That is to say I have a fixed width to deal with and will be dynamically generating the 'label'. I have read that the label merely sets the text of the button that is the header but my question is this: is there an override for this button (can something other than a button, something that supports word wrap, be the header?) or is there a clever trick using a particular child of the accordion that will allow me to set text that will wrap? Seems like I can't be the only one to have run into this before.... any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          kcell Level 2
          hmm understand the problem , think the normal behaviour fits in most cases (also the complete label is displayed when mouse is moved above the accodian button).

          If you like to try a workaround I would suggest to overwrite the mx.containers.accordionClasses.AccordionHeader and create a your own button class, who handle the wrapping/resizing when label exceeds the current width. But this might not be very easy, cause you have to take care about font sizes etc.

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