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    htmlText loaded from XML does not wrap properly in Firefox


      I just discovered that one of my old AS2 projects isn't working properly anymore in Firefox.


      I have a multiline TextField with htmlText that works fine in the  Flash IDE, and fine in IE8, but in Firefox it behaves rather strange:  each paragraph appears on exactly two lines, no matter how long it is!  It always breaks before the last word of the paragraph, even if the  whole of the line is shorter than the textfield width.


      But  this behaviour only shows up if the text is loaded in from an XML file!  If the same text is simply assigned to a string, it works normally.


      If anyone would like to see it, I've just isolated the problem into a minimal example - you can get the zip file (including .fla, .swf and .xml)  from




      Anyway, if anyone recognises this problem and can help, I would greatly appreciate any tips!