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    Director 12

    ginod Level 1

      What about Director 12, it's coming soon?


      Someone have news about it?






      Gino Delgado

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          The thing about a non-disclosure agreement is that anyone who does know can't legally say anything.


          All Adobe have said is that they are working on it. No news about timeframe or features. However, a patch or upgrade for 11.5 is expected - perhaps shortly. It will add AS3 support, cloth physics and a few other things. Whether it is branded as D12 when released is (again) unknown.

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            Little Critter Level 1

            After the 11.5 update, I hope the next great new is Adobe lay off Partridge and they put a better communicator, Partridge has not a credibility to do this job.