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    Exporting "Youtube HD" Preset results in no video just black screen



      I am a new user to Premiere CS5.  I made a short video and would like to put it online in HD for youtube and vimeo.  I shot the footage using a Canon DSLR t2i in HD at 24fps.


      I am trying to export it in order to upload it to youtube and I tried to the preset under H.264 that is called Youtube HD.  When it finished I went to watch the video and it was just a black screen but the audio worked fine.  The Export video box is checked so it is not that.


      I exported using Quicktime Format but the quality was a little worse.  I am now trying HDTV format to see how that turns out.


      Is there something I can do to make the Youtube HD preset work correctly?  I imagine that's the best option for uploading to youtube.