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    Optimizing Hardware for After Effects and Premiere Pro

    Michael Scarn Level 1

      I've already plundered all of the resources in this Hardware Forum the past few weeks as I prepare for a new build. What I'm hoping to find out is how After Effects can be optimized with my hardware selection? I use After Effects more than Premiere Pro, but I really doubt if I planned to build my hardware around AE that Premiere would be left behind. I'll just let you know what I have right now and what I plan to upgrade to as of right now.


      Current Build:

      CPU: Intel Q6600

      Mobo: Gigabyte P35-DS3L

      RAM: 4x 2GB G Skill DDR2 1000

      GPU: eVGA 8800GS

      PSU: Corsair TX650

      HDD: 2x 640GB WD Caviar Black

                2x 500GB WD AAKS

      Case: Cooler Master RC-690


      New Build:

      CPU: Intel i7 930

      Mobo: Gigabyte X58-UD3R

      RAM: 3x 4GB G Skill DDR3 1333

      GPU: eVGA 460 GTX

      PSU: Seasonic X-750 or Corsair AX-750

      HDD: Same as current, but will be upgrading and RAIDing as time and money see fit

      Case: Lian Li A70F


      It's too bad AE didn't get a MPE hardware function like Premiere, but I think I can live with that. I know CPU, RAM and HDD are my main performance players in Premiere, but how does that change in AE? Number of Cores, CPU Frequency, RAM latencies, RAM amount, Disk I/O?


      Maybe there isn't really a difference in selecting hardware for AE as compared to Premiere, but I figure I just had to ask