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    3d Stereoscopic Workflow and Display


      I've been given the task of developing a 3D stereoscopic project, I've done this in the past with googles, but it now needs to play in a tradeshow environemnt with a HDTV/3d capable. I have the luxury of being able to spec out the monitor and playback DVD/Bluray. In the past, I've used field-sequential DVDs, and I'd be happy with that if I had confidence that a modern HDTV/Bluray combo would play it back as expected. In my current research, authoring 3D Blurays would be prohibitively expensive. I currently own the Adobe CS5 Master Collection.


      My question would be: has anyone had experience with field sequential DVDs on modern flat panel equipment (I know it works with older CRTs)? If positive result, any clues on make/models of the various components.


      My hope is to have stereo shutter glasses and not color anaglyphs glasses at the show.


      In a worst-case scenario, I could spec out a PC/laptop for the show - but a BluRay/DVD player would be ideal for space and usability considerations.


      Thanks in advance for any clues.

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          Bob Currier Level 3

          My experience has been with side-by-side on BluRay and that seems to work fine, although you lose horizontal resolution compared to frame sequential. I've burned discs to BD-R, but if you don't have a BD burner and your content is short enough, you can burn BluRay-on-DVD discs using a standard DVD burner. I've been using Toast to do the burning.


          Shutter glasses are kind of pricey for use at a tradeshow--they do have a tendency to walk off. I'd go with cheap cardboard circularly polarized glasses and the JVC GD-463D10 monitor myself. I've tested my discs on the much cheaper Samsung TVs with shutter glasses, so that's another way to go.


          That's all the experience I can offer.


          Bob Currier

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