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    SWF to FLV or MP4 video conversion?

    VirtualCoder Level 1



      Are there any Adobe tools that can be incorporated into an AiR application that would be able to convert a SWF file to an FLV or MP4 videos that could be uploaded to YouTube?


      I know of some commercial apps but the problem is that I need to integrate this into my AiR application.


      Basically, as a SWF file plays (even if it requires user interaction and/or sound) both the what the user hears and sees would be captured and converted to one of the uploadable video formats.  Please do not suggest Camtasia or any such screen capturing approaches as all of that seems self defeating. 


      Surely there must be something within the Adobe family that can easily and seamlessly integrated to convert between ADOBE's own formats.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks everyone.