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    Sony PRS-600 - Unable to Download Books

    Sandra Mallin

      I recently purchased a Sony PRS-600 in the UK, and successfully downloaded some books using a family member's PC.  However, we have now returned to Dubai in the UAE, and despite installing/uninstalling/re-installing Adobe Digital Editions and eLibrary, I am still unable to download books.  I don't believe that Adobe have allowed me to go through all the steps of installation (agreeing the Privacy Terms, authorisation of DE on my PC and authorising the eReader, and despite requesting them to "unregister" me from Adobe, this has not happened.


      I've now been advised by the ebookstore in the UK from which I've purchased ebooks that it may be a copyright issue (Data Rights Management), but today I tried to download a book from eBooks.com which had no restriction on it, to no avail.


      Can anyone help?  I've spent days on this issue now, and am feeling extremely frustrated, and disappointed as I now have a Sony eReader which I can't use!


      Thank you.

      S Mallin