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    Linking/Syncing Audio and Video


      I think I'm just on the edge of understanding if this can work:


      I have a rough cut of a few clips using on-camera audio. I also recorded with a separate audio recorder. I want to somehow link the secondary audio to the primary audio and the source video clips, so that the secondary audio will be added to the rough cut without me having to go and re-sync each edit with the corresponding secondary audio. Is it possible to sync additional audio to a source file and have it reflected in an edited sequence?

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          Powered by Design Level 4

          its bed time for me but as a work around you can create a sequence with the video clip and audio that was created in camera and then drag the other audio to a audio timeline and line it up.


          then just use the timeline and NEST it into another sequence and you can cut it up like it was one big file.


          maybe someone else can give a better answer but that can work if you need to get something done now.



          ENjoy:  GLenn

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            Phil Griffith Level 2

            Like Glenn said. But.....I have read several times on this forum that audio from a separate recoding device doesn't run at exactly the same speed as audio from a camera. So you might have trouble keeping it syncd. Perhaps a search on the forums. From what I remember you either have to speed up or slow down by 1.something (can't remember figure.) percent.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              so that the secondary audio will be added to the rough cut without me having to go and re-sync each edit


              I'm not aware of any way for this to be done.  Even the suggested Nesting technique will require you to reedit the piece.

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                akribie Level 2

                Lining up each camera clip with the associated audio in its own sequence and then editing using those sequences instead of the original clips is one of the better ways to proceed given your starting point.


                Audio drift shouldn't be apparent over reasonable lengths of clip (say up to 10 or 20 minutes) depending on the stability of the clock in the audio device.  Many of the past reports were due to some manufacturers using slightly off-standard audio rates which Premiere then assumed to be correct and hence generated out-of-sync issues over around 30 minutes or more.  Not your problem here.


                If, when you check the audio sync over a whole clip, you find it is OK at the start but out at the end, then setting a marker on both video and audio near the end and using rate stretch on the audio to change its length by a small amount to line up the markers should give good enough sync for the clip.

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                  koramak Level 1

                  Thanks for all the help.


                  Okay, so here's what I ended up doing. It's a pain, but I took the original clip and lined up the secondary audio in another sequence. I exported out the sequence and replaced the original clip with the new sequence. When I loaded up the project, Premier still asks me where the clip is and I select it. Once I do this it replaces the original in the timeline, edits and all, with the new audio.


                  It's not easy or simple, but it did work, and it's better than having to edit all of my secondary audio after the movie is finished. At least this way we can start syncing audio without waiting for a final cut.


                  Anybody see any additional ways to streamline this? I don't really understand how nesting works, so I didn't know what to do with that, if that is a better solution...

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    Nesting is simply placing one sequence into another sequence as if it were just a normal clip.

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                      shooternz Level 6

                      I dont understand why you needed to create a unique clip with Video and external

                      sound.  Basically you took your video through a generation for no reason apart from convenience.


                      PPRO has no problem with using a video clip that is synched to an audio clip from another source.


                      There is no rendering on audio ..so whats the big deal?.  Link or Group the video with the audio and the project takes care of it all. Thats what  NLE is all about)



                      FWIW: The main issue with PPRO and audio is that it cant recognise TC in audio.  (evidently this is being addressed).  I have an excellent workaround for this if required meantime.

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                        koramak Level 1

                        Okay, you may have to baby step me through this. I'll give you the steps I'm doing right now. Clips A and B are edited together in Sequence 1. I make a new sequence where I sync Clip A with it's secondary audio. Once I get the sync just right, Sequence 2 has one video and two audio tracks. How do I take the new audio track into Sequence 1 where it is already edited? Possible?

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                          shooternz Level 6

                          Just re read posts from the OP


                          Now think that you need a little workflow advice.


                          Edit video clip into the timeline using the on camera sound.  eg Vid Tk1, Aud Tk1


                          Now...There are a number of ways of synching your external audio with your video and some depend on how you recorded and shot and with what hardware.  ( you might want to let us know this).    PPRO provides a number of "tools" to help eg clip markers, ganged monitors etc...




                          Once you establish your synchronisation. Put the external audio in Audio TK2. and simply mute TK1.


                          Link or Group Audio to Video


                          Edit away, export away  to your hearts content.

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                            shooternz Level 6

                            To your question.


                            Create more audio tracks.


                            Put external audio in new track(s)


                            Mute original tracks.  Do not lock them.  Do not delete the audio from the original clip by unliking them

                            (it is good to have a permanent audio reference)

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                              koramak Level 1

                              Thanks for the help, I think you are missing the kinda sheisty part of this. I know how to sync the clips to external audio. What I'm trying to do is sync edited clips to external audio without having to edit the external audio clips identical to the video. Essentially, I'm trying to find a way to add the external audio to the source clips, so that the external audio will be added to the edited timeline, edited in the same way with the clip is already edited. The important and messy part is that the video is already cut together, and I am trying to avoid having to cut it all again...

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                                Colin Brougham Level 6

                                Do your external audio clips have timecode synced with the video? Or are you just doing a visual sync?

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                                  Powered by Design Level 4

                                  I dont think there is a way to link it after you have cut it up.


                                  I still think that NESTING it then cutting it up is the best way.


                                  With nesting you just create a sequence and call it the same as the video file and bring in your video file plus your extra audio and sync them there.  Then just turn off the original audio that is linked to the video.  Close that sequence and when you need your video instead of using the video itself you just drag the sequence in just like its video and cut away.


                                  That way it acts like it was always recorded the way you wanted and you dont have to think aoubt anything while you cut and move.



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                                    shooternz Level 6

                                    I dont think I am missing that because its the same workflow. ( Unless you are asking for a way to automatically do this)


                                    Tell me if I am wrong...


                                    You have a timeline with edited clips of video and on camera audio. Now you want to drop the external  audio (.wavs)  to each clip to replace the on camera audio.


                                    Its a clip by clip process that can be made easier by a decent workflow.  But its a manual workflow


                                    Do you have TC on your external ?


                                    Do you have synch / slates ?


                                    What camera ..what recorder?


                                    Maybe I just dont understand what you are having difficulty with.    but I recently went through the same process.  I shot double system but I edited with the on board sound as reference.


                                    I free ran the camera and the recorder TC

                                    I pasted the audio TC to the  wav files ( because PPRo can not read it)

                                    I established the off set

                                    I synched the video with the external based on the off set.


                                    Hope some of this helps.

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                                      Powered by Design Level 4

                                      I think he already cut it into allot of pieces and moved them around and NOW wants go link the new audio.


                                      Dont think you can do that AFTER.



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                                        koramak Level 1

                                        Okay, my bad, maybe you did do the same thing, but I don't quite understand how you did it.


                                        I'm doing a visual sync, which isn't hard using the on-camera audio. When I can only hear one voice, I got it right. Takes out some of the guess work (zooming and such).



                                        Recorded video on a Canon 5dmk2, 30fps

                                        Recorded audio on a Zoom H4n, 48khz


                                        I'm not an editor, so a lot of this is foreign to me. But when everyone else disappears and you wanna finish your movie you gotta do what you gotta do.


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                                          shooternz Level 6

                                          You seem to have the synching bit sorted out.


                                          So..Whats the bit you are having trouble with?

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                                            akribie Level 2

                                            The nub of this query seems to have boiled down to:  "I have already edited my video with the wrong sound.  How can I attach the correct sound in sync without re-editing my finished timeline?"


                                            The answer to that question is that you will have to generate replacement source clips which have the correct sound attached in sync and place them in the same location with the same name as those you used initially.  Then, when you re-open the original project, the clips will automatically replace all the originals.  You should re-generate all previews to ensure old sound doesn't remain anywhere.  Best to do all this using a copy of both the project and the source clips so you have an escape route if you get it wrong somewhere.


                                            The technique for generating these new clips has already been established above.

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                                              shooternz Level 6

                                              What you propose is a lot of un necessary work!


                                              How would you propose maintaining synch  as well as eliminating a generation loss with what you propose?


                                              PPRO (or any NLE)  will work absolutely fine with multiple audio tracks.  ( agreed ?)


                                              Because the editor has to synch the external ( replacement) audio  clips to the existing video in the timeline anyway by whatever workflow the editor deems  workeable...why not just do that and continue on editing.


                                              Mute the original track ( do not delete it) and work with the Original video and the New audio.  ( This is basic 101 double system editing practice).