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    Bookmarks (more than 2 levels)

    cwenet Level 1



      I want add bookmarks with 3 levels. Now I have success with 2 levels:


      var myRoot = this.bookmarkRoot;
      myRoot.createChild({cName: "B", nIndex: 1, cExpr:"this.pageNum=2;"});
      myRoot.createChild({cName: "C", nIndex: 2, cExpr:"this.pageNum=10;"});


      var child = myRoot.children[1];
      child.createChild({cName: "BB", nIndex: 3, cExpr:"this.pageNum=11;"});


      var child = myRoot.children[2];
      child.createChild({cName: "CC1", nIndex: 4, cExpr:"this.pageNum=15;"});
      child.createChild({cName: "CC2", nIndex: 5, cExpr:"this.pageNum=16;"});


      How can I add a BBB child to BB?


      Best regards