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    Colorista2 colour wheels not scrubbing

    Tayedrummer Level 1

      It's the weekend so I can't call Magic Bullet's tech support and they don't have a forum so I thought I'd throw this out here.  I just installed Colorista2 and it looks great but I can't click/drag the any of the colour wheels or their outer rings in PremiereCS5.  If I click an exact point on a colour wheel or outer ring it will jump to that point but I can't click/drag the way that would actually make it functional (works just fine in MB looks).  The horizontal sliders for other options seem to work just fine, it's just the colour wheels and their outer rings that are broken.  Supposed to be a rainy day tomorrow up here in Toronto and it would be a great day to sit down with a coffee and learn the new plugin if anyone has a solution.




      ...as a post script...You can't see an outline of your secondary power windows in Premiere?  In another thread it looks like Stu is aware and working on it.  Any news leaking out about a fix?  That's a lot of power/functionality lost (I have a real talent for stating the obvious).