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    MAC - trying to coordinate events against an audio track


      I am on a MAC 10.6.4 running AE CS5.  I have an audio track (.wav or .aif or mp3)...it is about 20 minutes long.  I want to coordinate effects when certain words are read.  I am at a loss whether I am having problems or just don't know what I am doing.


      I have tried the following by bringing into the comp...the MP3 and later with the AIF file (only using one of these at a time).  What advice do you have for me making events happen at certain times against the audio track?  Do I have to do the WHOLE RAM PREVIEW (takes a long time)?  How do I listen to the track and put in effects?


      I don't even know how to search for this problem on the web...


      THANKS!!!  --bill