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    Cannot re-open DRM-prot pdf file on Bebook One


      Yesterday I bought a Bebook One. Charged the batteries of the Bebook. Installed Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on my (Windows 7) computer. Authorized my computer. Bought two e-books on http://www.bol.com and downloaded them with ADE. Moved the books (pdf with DRM-protection) to the Bebook library that was visible in ADE. Disconnected the Bebook from the computer and I was able to read the e-books on the Bebook. So far, so good.


      Then I stopped reading. I might have viewed the same books using ADE on my computer after that; I am not sure. Later on I wanted to re-open the book on the BeBook One again. But then I could not open the e-book anymore. When selecting the book, the "hourglass" is visible for 2 or 3 seconds, and then disappears, the menu is re-displayed again and then nothing happens.


      However, I can open free (no drm) pdf's and Word files (*.doc) on the Bebook. So, I assume it is something with the DRM. Any suggestions?