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    Need Help - Cant trim the out point in Flash CS3


      Hi guys,


      I am a new learner for Adobe flash CS3. Now I am trying to import a video and "Embed video in SWF and play in timeline". During the encoding part, I cant trim the video, more specifically, I can drag the in point and out point which below the scrubber bar, the in point works well but the out point does not work at all. Each time I try to trim a video, i can not customize the ending point.


      Could it possible caused by some conflict between the Adobe flash and some other softwares? Or could it possible to fix it by modifying the setting or changing the value in the computer registry? It is very annoying because I and my friend both used the same edition of Adobe Flash CS3, this problem does not exist in my friend's computer.


      I have tried to find the answer online, but i cant find it. I really need your help!!


      Thanks very much.