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    100% cpu utilization

      Op. Sys. XP, Pentium 4, 2 gigabytes of ram
      I am recording for demonstration purposes using multiple programs with Adobe Acrobat, Word, SAP, and Internet Explorer. The intent of the demonstration show how to complete a specific form by gathering information.
      Problem: When I try to copy and paste, cpu usage goes up 100%, this starts immediately when I left click to start swiping the text I want to copy. It does not matter which program I am copy from.
      If I have a single line to copy I have to be sure to stop at the end of the swipe. If I have a paragraph or a sentence to copy the computer freezes, and I lose the highlighted text I want to copy when the computer unfreezes its a guess as to what is copied.
      Fixes I have tried, restart the program fresh, replaced wireless mouse with corded, replaced video card, and finally reformatted the hard drive to make sure something was not running in the background that I could not see. This was done with IT support. With no luck.
      I have loaded the demo version on two other computers (different configurations) one showed a sluggish response and the other had no problems at all.
      The IT tech can not provide me with another machine, Adobe Captivate 2 operating parameters are Pentium 3, 256mg of ram, so I am at a loss of what else I can do?
      I am a new user of Captivate.
      Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi isaccm, and " Welcome" to the Captivate User Community!!

          There are several solutions that occur to me. The first one is to avoid the copy and paste operation while recording, and just type in the information you want in the form field - then explain ("talk to") the end-user so they understand that another way to do it is to copy-paste that text.

          A second way is to try another form of "highlighting" or "selecting" the desired text - using the mouse only to position the beginning, then following up by using the ARROW keys (or SHIFT+ARROW, etc.) on the keyboard to complete the "selection" process, then use the keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste the selection (CTRL+C and CTRL+V).

          Hope this helps.