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    Random date insertion through out site

      I have discovered that the code for adding a date on a web page is showing up randomly through out my web site, usually in the middle of a paragraph although sometimes it happens in the middle of code. This has happended on 8 pages of a 16 page site. Here is an example of the code that is being inserted: <strong><a<!-- #BeginDate format:Am1 -->July 27, 2007<!-- #EndDate -->twork</a></strong><br />

      I use the date insertion at the bottom of my template page and have the date automatically update when the page is changed and saved. I am using Dreamweaver 8 on a Mac. Has anyone ran into this problem? Any solutions?

      Here is a link to a page that has had this happen: http://www.uensd.org/staff/jessica/waterwise3/partners.htm