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    Urgently  need help in Construction Flex Tree with the XML(remove namespace)

    fresher4flex Level 1

      I need to construct Flex Tree with the given result I got from the service call . Below is my data.(I dont know how to remove this namespace, I tried with the removeNamespac(), That didnt work).


      I have to dispaly the filename  as some parent and under it versionNumber as children, when clicked  it points to that link.

      I need it very urgently. Someone Please advice me or provide me similar example.

      Your help is very much appreciated.

      <r:AttachmentList xmlns:r="http://someURL.internal.local.com/cr3.0">
        <Attachment isInactive="false" fileName="Ch08 - Programmation Orientee Objet.pdf" lastVersion="1">
          <Version versionNumber="1" contentURL="/mocksecured/mockroot/customername/listname/Ch08 - Programmation Orientee Objet.pdf" createdBy="Joe Requestor-Approver" createdDate="2010-08-15T04:19:04.683"/>
        <Attachment isInactive="false" fileName="Ch11 - Classe du document.pdf" lastVersion="1">
          <Version versionNumber="1" contentURL="/mocksecured/mockroot/customername/listname/Ch11 - Classe du document.pdf" createdBy="Joe Requestor-Approver" createdDate="2010-08-15T03:53:26.967"/>
        <Attachment isInactive="false" fileName="Ch13 - Chargement de contenu.pdf" lastVersion="1">
          <Version versionNumber="1" contentURL="/mocksecured/mockroot/customername/listname/Ch13 - Chargement de contenu.pdf" createdBy="Joe Requestor-Approver" createdDate="2010-08-15T03:53:27.06"/>
        <Attachment isInactive="false" fileName="Ch14 - Charger et envoyer des donnees.pdf" lastVersion="1">
          <Version versionNumber="1" contentURL="/mocksecured/mockroot/customername/listname/Ch14 - Charger et envoyer des donnees.pdf" createdBy="Joe Requestor-Approver" createdDate="2010-08-15T03:53:27.073"/>
        <Attachment isInactive="false" fileName="Ch17 - Son et Video.pdf" lastVersion="1">
          <Version versionNumber="1" contentURL="/mocksecured/mockroot/customername/listname/Ch17 - Son et Video.pdf" createdBy="Joe Requestor-Approver" createdDate="2010-08-15T13:55:39.25"/>