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    CS5 Flash and Photoshop painfully slow


      I recently moved from CS4 Master Suite to CS5 Master Suite. I work with all files on a home based network drive. The CS4 handled most all tasks easily. The CS5 is painfully slow.


      Publish Previewing a very small Flash file with no action script and 3 button rollovers takes 3-6 minutes to view. Opening a 1100x730px jpg in Photoshop takes 1-2 minutes and saving it is almost as slow. Ironically, Fireworks opens the same jpg in half the time.


      About my set up: the network drive and a desktop PC are plugged into a Linksys G wireless router. The desktop has the same problems as both laptops in really slow Adobe tasks. None of my other programs struggle with network tasks and the CS4 Master Suite handled it fine.


      Any clue why CS5 Master Collection would perform basic tasks so much slower than CS4 Master Collection using the same network?