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    Any chance to have a working system with Premier Elements?

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      I've tried a good number of different video editors for HD video editing and they all lack certain features here and there that I find necessary for myself. I don't want anything out of this world, just a good, solid performance combined, ease of use, easy video clip import, good image quality from rendering and - that's it. Nothing special. No fireworks, do dancing girls...  Now, out of all the programs Premier Elements seemed to be very good, BUT it lacked the stability. Big time... Once I was working with that, the program just kept on crashing. Even if it would crash only once every 30 minutes, I could have taken that, but no... Had to be every second minute...


      But, that was still with Windows Vista, and I blame Vista for much of the problems. I've upgraded - with blood, toil, sweat and tears, to Windows 7, which already has proven to be much, much more stable than Vista. So, the question is that do I have a chance to have a working solution with Premier Elements and Windows 7, running with multicore processor and 8 Gb of memory and soon with dedicated HD's for operating system and program files, video files and intermediate working storage? Will my dream ever come true?