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    Will the Time Warp effect be eventually included back?


      Dear anybody on behalf of Adobe Systems Inc.,

      would you be so kind to give a clear answer if the Time Warp effect will be included into Premiere Pro back?

      I've just started Premiere Pro CS5 exploration and realise that it's TOO early to switch to. And one of the reason is the Time Warp effect abscence...


      I rummaged plenty of Internet pages but was unable to find unambiguous answer 'Yes' or 'No'...


      Changing just clip speed gives quite a poor result (first and foremost I mean a movie look).

      Discussions about product advantages in general have little sense if it doesn't provide high quality output.

      No one of viewers is interested in if I was enjoying with a software while I was composing unprofessional looking film...


      Thanks forward