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    Flash 10.1 choppy video with Intel HD Graphics


      I just got a new laptop that is running Windows 7 (64 bit) and has Intel HD Graphics (driver version built in to the CPU (Intel p6000).


      The laptop came with Flash version


      When I play HD video with this version of Flash on Youtube and on HULU, everything is fine, I can play 480p and 1080p videos at 30fps with no noticible problems (although there are occasional frame drops according to the right click menu option "Show Video Info" on Youtube, but nothing major.)


      Then the other day, flash told me there was a new version available, so I upgraded to


      Running this version, all HD videos on Youtube and HULU are choppy and unwatchable, according to "Show Video Info" on Youtube, I am getting only 8 fps, and the frame drops increment constantly.


      I unchecked "Enable hardware acceleration" in the Flash settings, but it has no effect.


      The only other people I can find who are having a similar problem are Mac users who are also using CPUs with Intel HD Graphics and Flash 10.1, I couldn't find anyone else complaining about this issue on Windows 7.


      Is anyone aware of any issues with Flash 10.1 and Intel HD Graphics on Windows 7?  Will there be a future release of 10.1 that fixes this issue?


      Is there any workaround for this problem other then downgrading to 10.0 (which is what I am running now)?



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          space88 - Any update on this?  I have a P6000-based notebook with the same symptom (choppy video in Flash 10.1).  My Intel HD driver is  Based on CPU usage of 50% (one of the cores) when watching mlb.tv, I am not sure there is any hardware acceleration going on, even though the option within Flash is checked.  I have an Atom-based rig with ION graphics that puts this to shame.  I wish this would be fixed, although maybe I will just downgrade back to 10.

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            Space88 Level 1

            I don't know if there was any fix.  The laptop in question is still running the old version of Flash.  There doesn't seem to be much concern over this problem, as can be seen by the responses to my post :-)


            I never submitted this as a bug report or anything like that, not sure how to even do that.


            It is not a big deal to me, since it is not my laptop (it is my Mom's, and she doesn't even know what Flash is :-).  I figure I'll just periodically upgrade to the latest version and see if the problem has been fixed, if not I'll just go back to the old version again and wait some more...  Videos play fine with the old version, so no real need to worry about upgrading on this laptop.

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              Space88 Level 1

              Well, here it is 9 months later and several versions later and this problem is still not fixed.


              I am still running Flash 10.0 because video just doesn't work with any later version of Flash on this PC.


              Has anyone looked in to this at all?

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                Space88 Level 1

                Thanks for your response.


                I have tried versions of 10.2 as well as the latest 10.3 version.  Still does not work.  I get 7-8 fps in 1080p videos on youtube.  10.0 gives me 30 fps.


                I think the problem may be that Adobe is not handling the Intel HD Graphics on the Intel P6000 CPU correctly.


                Note that this is a Pentium CPU, not a i3 or i5 (non-Pentiums), but it does have some of the same features (such as the Intel HD Graphics on the CPU).  But HD Graphics on it is supposedly missing some of the more advanced features that the other chips have.


                I don't know if Flash is not recognizing that the P6000 has Intel HD Graphics or if it is assuming that it has features that it really does not.


                For instance, here is some info:





                Anyway, I hope this is fixed soon so I don't have to keep preventing the new version from installing.


                Thanks again!!

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                  Space88 Level 1

                  Still, Flash (just tried does not work on this computer, and now Firefox 5 wont even let me view videos on youtube unless I upgrade from Flash 10.0.


                  Adobe has horrible customer support, I can't beleive this issue has been going on for so long and nothing is being done about it.


                  Every time I make a restore point and upgrade to the latest Flash I have hopes that it will work, but no, I still get 7 fps on youtube with 1080p videos.


                  Always have to revert back to before the restore point...  So dissapointing...

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                    Space88 Level 1

                    Just to update on the status of this issue...


                    Today I installed Intel HD Graphics driver version and Flash and Youtube videos now seem to play flawlessly with no frame drops at 30fps!!  I am not sure where the fix was (in the driver or in Flash) but it appears to finally be fixed after a year of it being broken!

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                      I know this is a bit of an old post and you have a solution, but I just thought I'd offer my ideas on the issue.


                      I too have had a very similar problem, however it was only fixed when I updated the Intel HD Graphics driver to version  This wasn't an issue with the Flash Player otherwise I think there would have been more people with this issue and this is one of the only threads I've found.


                      So if anyone has this issue, try a driver update and it should solve it.

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                        Space88 Level 1

                        It was still not working when I was using drivers, so at least my issue was not fixed by that version.


                        I don't doubt that it was a driver issue, but I needed to update to version before I saw the problem go away.  The laptop manufacturer's (HP) web site did not have this version of the driver (their latest version was, I had to go to the Intel web site to get it.


                        In fact, the HP site doesn't even have that version anymore (at least for my laptop model).   For my laptop, the latest is version, but I am sure I had downloaded and installed version from there (I think I might have gotten it from the HP website but it was listed for another model laptop).


                        Anyway, the moral of the story is that the manufacturer of your laptop is probably going to be lazy with updating drivers for your system on their webste, so instead go dirctly to the maker of the individual component that you want to upgrade to get the latest drivers (although in some cases you will lose customized functionality that your vendor adds to the driver).  In this case there was no difference between the drivers supplied by HP and from Intel as far as value-added additions.