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    Missing footage once imported


      I've got about a minute of footage on my Nikon d5000 DSLR camera, I uploaded the footage to the PC and played it back in media player and it's fine, I then imported into premiere and tried to play the footage back from there. The footage now shows about 2 second of the whole video and no more, I have tried to drag the video file on the track across to make it longer but it will not go any further, the footage has gone. Any ideas?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The Nikon shoots MJPEG doesn't it?


          Do you know what MJPEG CODEC you have installed?


          I've seen Duration issues before, but with other CODEC's, and do not shoot MJPEG.


          In my case, this will usually be with DivX footage, converted to DV-AVI Type II, and most of those conversions Import and play fine. Every now and then, one will just show as about 45 sec., when it should be 15 - 20 mins. In my case, I found that just Importing the problem file into PrElements, and immediately Export to the same exact format/CODEC. That file works fine in PrPro.


          With MJPEG, not sure what would be the best program/utility to try the "conversion."


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