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    How to access text boxes in multiple MCs?

    sam boston
      hi all,
      I am new to actionscript.
      I have a movie clip (mc)in my library. The Movieclip has a dynamic text whose instance is "dynamic_txt".


      I need to create copies of movieclip and each dynamic_txt within that mc, want to assign a value.


      for (i=1 , i< 20, i++) {
      mymc = mc add i;


      duplicatemovieclip(mc, mymc,10);


      _level0.mymc.dynamic_txt.text = i



      However, "_level0.mymc.dynamic_txt.text = i " is giving me compilation error.
      will it be


      _level0.['mymc'].dynamic_txt.text = i




      _level0.'mymc'.dynamic_txt.text = i


      or anything else.


      I have tried few combination and either  its compilation error or not working as requried. Pls help.