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    More audio track problems -- again!

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      Hi Bill, et al. --

      I am trying to get into Premiere Elements 8 some TV clips off a DVD that I recorded on a DVD recorder.  These are short 3 - 5 minute sketches.  But when I use Get Media to import them from the optical drive, I am always getting "An unspecified error occured while performing a conform action on the following file...." referring to the audio track .cfa files.  Thus, the video portion imports and plays OK, while there is no audio at all.  I know the audio track has imported, since the file properties menu indicates a 48,000 Hz sampling rate.  The Events menu always shows the little red X circle, and error messages continue to accrue as it tries to conform the audio track, with no luck.  Why is this happening?  The disk plays fine in the computer.

      On your earlier recommendation, I did pop for an ADVC-300 a few weeks ago to convert audio VHS tapes to a digital format for DVD burning.  I notice that I can also put in a S-Video signal into the thing and port it to the computer's Firewire input.  Do you think I should use this method of circumventing the problems I am having with Get Media with the optical drive (no audio)?  I have not yet tried this, although I do have an external DVD player here with an S-Video output.

      Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

      Barry K.

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          If your recorder is producing .VOB files then PRE can struggle (too many DVD devices do *not* conform to the DVD standards) and you should probably convert before import. Is your recorder a hard disk unit as well? If so check to see if it has any other export formats.


          Whatever though, the ADVC unit should work just fine (you'll also need to connect an audio output from your recorder as well).


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Barry K,


            I use a similar A-D bridge and just play from my DVD player through it to PrPro (in my case), and it works fine. Obviously, you do not have Device Control, as the DVD deck is not hooked up with cables that will control it. However, with the player's remote in one hand, and the mouse in the other, I just start the Record, then the deck, and Trim off those first few, blank frames.


            As Neale points out, most DVR units create DVD's that are not 100% DVD-compliant, and this creates a problem for PrE (and PrPro). Also, since you are having issues with the Audio, my guess would be that the DVR is producing AC3 (one of the two possible standards for the primary Audio stream,) but that it is not 100% Dolby Digital standard. Many DVD producing machines, and a lot of authoring software, play very fast and loose with the DVD-specs., and this is what causes exacting programs, like PrE, to fail to work with the VOB's correctly.


            If you are still having issues with Audio, here are two workarounds:


            1.) use the excellent, free audio-editing program, Audacity, to rip the Audio from the DVD. This should work fine with the DVD in the computer's DVD drive. Once ripped, just do a Save_As PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit.


            2.) instead of doing the Capture in PrE, use a program, like SceneAlyzer, to do the Capture via the Canopus unit.


            Good luck,