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    Premiere Pro CS5 Not Responding on BIG project

    Phil Moore_au

      I know there have been similar posts to this but I haven't found any real solutions. In a nutshell - I am working on a feature film project with HDV (m2t) and P2 (MXF) format files. Running Windows 7 Ultimate (64) on a 2.8Ghz  Core i7, with 12Gb RAM. Graphics card is an nVidia Geforce GTX 260. Brand new system.


      So there is ALOT of footage. CS4 was choking with the size of the project due to memory limitations but CS5 worked happily for a while. I am also doing alot of VFX shots in After Effect. I was dynamically linking the AE shots in the Premiere Timeline. But after a certain point Premiere just struggled to load and now always gets stuck in a 'not responding' loop. Nothing else is running that might get in the way and there is plenty of RAM free. I am assuming it may be something to do with system resources, so I have been trying  to replace AE linked clips with rendered versions. No big deal, but now I can't even get Premiere to load to a point where it will let me do this.


      Any thoughts?


      Phil Moore

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