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    Eps to Indesign

    karthikb1987 Level 1

      I have eps file. I need to convert the eps file to indesign. How can i do ? can i do this with javascript ?

      Please help!!!!!!!!


      Thnaks in Advance

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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

          If this file is not too complex, you can open it in Illustrator, select all, copy and paste it into empty InDesign document. It is important to uncheck Copy As: PDF in Illustrator's Preferences> File Handling & Clipboard dialog box.



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            karthikb1987 Level 1


            Thanks for ur reply. I need to convert the eps file by programming. Is there

            any script available?

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              [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

              Not that I know of.


              If you need to use Javascript, well, there is a lot possible. You need to examine the EPS File Format -- it may contain a subset of PostScript, or perhaps PDF commands. Reading the file itself is easy, but you'd, sorry, u'd have to write a parser that converts each separate command into one or more native InDesign objects.

              If the EPS contains outlined text, ure out of luck -- there is no feasible way of recomposing that into editable text again. U can convert other items -- text and graphic lines -- to native objects; but bitmaps, on the other hand, have to be converted to an external file, since u cannot build bitmaps in JS for InDesign.


              Seems like a very sizeable project. I wish u all the best, the coming year.


              A short-term solution could be to convert the EPS to a PDF, using Illustrator or Acrobat Distiller, then convert that to an InDesign document with PDF2ID.