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    how to use fullScreenSourceRect

    transistor06 Level 1

      Ok, I am starting a new thread for my full screen problem...


      Basically, I am trying to use fullScreenSourceRect


      my code looks like this:


      import flash.geom.Rectangle;


      full_btn.onRelease = function() {
      Stage["fullScreenSourceRect"] = new Rectangle(100, 50, 20, 20);
      Stage["displayState"] = "fullscreen";


      From what I'm looking at by using fullScreenSourceRect and giving it x,y coordinates it is supposed to only play the specified "rectangle" in full screen mode.


      The problem is that it's not working.  When I press the button, it puts the entire stage into full screen more -- NOT the specified rectangle.  It appears to be ignoring my x,y coordinates.


      Any help, please.



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          transistor06 Level 1

          well, if anyone is interested, I figured this out:


          In order to use a specific defined area by using fullScreenSourceRect with AS2 you have to have your "publish settings" set for flash player 9.


          If you have it set to Flash player 8 or lower, like I did - - - It will ignore the fullScreenSourceRect coordinates and simply take the entire stage and make it fullscreen.  Which, was very annoying!!!


          I am happy to say that it works like an absolute charm.