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    Colour cast in ACR from Canon G11


      Hi all,


      I recently posted this question on the Lightroom Forum where I did recieved some useful answers, but unfortunaly the solution is not really workable in the long term. As the issue I am having is almost certainly related to ACR, I thought I'd post the question here too.


      I bought Lightroom 3 a month or so ago, mainly to work with the RAW output from my Canon G11. The majority of the shots want to process are taken underwater around the UK coast. When imported into LR3 the shots take on a very strong green colour cast, even though I set the manual white balance at regular intervals. By comparison, Canon DPP imports the RAW files correctly (what I consider correct), and I get the same correct results with Raw Therapee, GIMP and Capture 1. I do, however, get the same colour cast problem importing in to Photoshop Elements 8, which convinces me ACR is at the root of the problem. I am using ACR 6.1 for both LR and PSE8. I would expect Canon DPP to be correct as it is processing it's own RAW files, but as the other RAW converters match the Canon output, this too points at an issue in ACR.

      I've scanned both the Adobe LR and ACR forums, but can not see any posts where people are having similar issues to me. I did find several post's saying that ACR's support of the Canon G11 was now finished, maybe it has just been tuned for land based shots, not underwater. I tried to install the Release Candidate of ACR 6.2 at the weekend, but got a message on the lines of 'Not for this product' (I forget the exact words), so gave up on that.


      A short while ago I did a test import with a RAW file taken in similar conditions to my shots, but using a Canon 5D MkII. This imported correctly, which implies the issue is related to the G11. I was not able to do a test import my shots as the person helping has an older version of ACR which does not include the G11 support.

      I have tried using Adobe DNG Converter, to no avail, and I have also tried all the white balance pre-sets within LR3. The custom white balance picker does not give sensible results, it just changes the shots to a slightly different shade of green. Being aggressive with LR3 setting can make improvements (Camera Calibration RGB hue's plus the tint and temperature for the white balance for example), but it's a slow, shot by shot process, and still does not produce a usable finished product, or even a reasonable starting point for fine tuning.


      As a work around I can open the RAW files in Canon DPP and output to TIF, which LR3 then opens correctly. I believe, however, that as I'm not working directly with the RAW file, I'm not going to get the best out of LR3's features.


      I have tried raising a call directly with Adobe to ask about this issue. Unfortunatly is not practical as they need direct access to the PC running LR3, which is my home desktop, and I am at work when their call lines are open.


      I've attached example output from LR3 and DPP. Both use white balance of 'As Shot', and neither have had any processing done on them. The LR3 shot looks less green that it does at home, I assume thats because I've saved it as a low res JPG.


      Thanks for any advise people can give.


      ACR/LR3 output






      Canon DPP output (Same result for Raw Therapee, GIMP and Capture 1)