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    Mask revealing oval line drawing


      I have a drawing thats made up of (closed) ovals, which i have imported into flash from Illustrator. The ovals are simple "drawing objects", 0.1 thick with no fill. I need to find a way to animate these ovals "drawing" themselves. It seems like a pretty simple task but I can't seem to get my head round it. Can anyone suggest a method?


      Thanks in advance



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          add the oval to frame 1 of a movieclip.  extend its timeline to frame whatever.


          create a shape that will mask none of the lower half (in frame 1) of the oval and some frames down the timeline enlarge that shape to cover the lower 1/2 of the oval.  fix your shape so it looks like the lower half of the oval is being drawn if that shape were a mask of your oval.


          now, in a new layer create similar shapes that will mask the upper half of your oval (starting at the end of your previous tween).


          select all the frames in both shape tweens and click cut frames.


          click insert, new symbol, movieclip and paste those frames onto your new movieclip's timeline.  return to the movieclip with the oval and in a layer above the oval add your movieclip with the shape tweens and make it mask your oval.  test.