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    How to export Canon's pf24 from PP


      Hello guys,


      I'm pretty sure MANY hf s10 users are as frustrated as me when it comes to editing. I recorded my short film in 24p wrapped in that crappy 60i container. PP sees it as 30p. I have no problem with that and editing is not a problem either. Now my main concern is exporting it. I want to export it in such a way that I can import into After Effects, work my magic, remove the pulldown and then export it to 24p. I did it once before but i forgot how i did it and wether i recorded that film in PF24 or PF30. So i was wondering how i should export it from premiere pro so i can later remove the pulldown in after effects. I have PP and AE both CS5 running on a Macbook Pro.


      Thanks in advance!

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Don't export anything from Premiere. Either import your individual original clips into AE and use the Interpret Footage command to "Guess 3:2 Pulldown" in order to generate 24p clips/comps which you then export or DL to PPro, or import your PPro project into AE and do the above process on each individual clip. You can't remove the pulldown en masse because of the way in which the pulldown is introduced; you have to go clip by clip. Since you've already done your edit (it appears) you're going to have to do some sequence-jockeying as you'll be changing the timebase of the clips and therefore will need a new sequence (24p, obviously).


          My workflow would be to take the clips into AE, remove pulldown, and create a comp for each clip. After you interpret the footage, simply drag the clips onto the New Comp icon and select the individual comps radio button; this will create as many comps as clips, and name the comps the same as the clips. This makes media management a little easier as you know which comp belongs to which clip.


          I'm assuming you've got the Production bundle, and therefore Dynamic Link. In Premiere, first save a copy of your project for safety, and then create a new sequence with a 24p timebase, and copy your original edit (all clips in the 60i sequence) and paste it into the new sequence. Now, for each clip you've used, select its master clip in the Project Panel and right-click on it; select Replace Footage. Navigate to your AE project and hit OK, and this will launch the Dynamic Link window; select the comp that matches your clip. The original clip and all instances of it will be replaced with the DL'ed comp, and will assume the 24p timebase. Repeat this for each clip in use. Unfortunately, there's really no automated way to do this, so it's a one-by-one deal. In the future, it's probably easier to do this at the outset instead of after the edit is done.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            Man, that sounds like a lot of work.  Might be easier just to leave it as is.  The look won't change any.  It'll simply take up more space on the disk.

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              0rtix Level 1

              in any case. I would still like to know how i should export the file (what codec+settings). On top of that, I don't even think i'm using the correct sequence settings...


              PP automatically assigns 29.9700fps (yeah.. i know) and a lower first field scan. So i don't even know which preset to use... Help plz?

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                0rtix Level 1

                ok guys i figured out EXACTLY how to do this.


                I edited my entire movie in premiere pro at 29.970 fps. I then imported the entire sequence into after effects through dynamic link, right clicked the sequence in the browser pane on the left side, interpreted the footage and then put the source frame rate to 29.976 fps and guessed a 24Pa pulldown YAAAY! i rendered a bit out and AE plays it back at 23.976 fps