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    HTML versus SWF viewing

      Why is it when I view my file by linking to the SWF file the tutoial I created it looks great and I can see the whole recorded screen without having to scroll but it takes a while to load. But when I link to the HTML file the tutorial I created loads instantly but to see the whole window I recorded you have to scroll the page. I want to get the best of both worlds, the file to load fast and the viewer to not have to scroll to see all actions.

      Does anyone know the fix. I have set up in application and snap to grid. What am I doing wrong?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Mobrien703 and welcome to our community

          The HTML file contains sizing parameters that determine the size to play the project in the browser. You are seeing scroll bars because you likely recorded full screen. Keep in mind that when you record full screen, your user will be playing it back inside the browser. This means the visible area is reduced. So you should probably consider reducing the size of the recording area a tad.

          I don't really have a good explanation of why it loads faster one way as opposed to another. I would think that pointing at the .SWF all by itself would be faster than the HTML page. Unless the HTML page way is factoring into the preload situation. I recall seeing this a while back. If one loaded the HTML page, the preloader worked. This caused the project to begin playing after 60% had been loaded into the browser. But if linked to just the .SWF itself, it all has to load into the browser before play commences. Maybe this is what is happening.

          As an FYI, the snap to grid option will do nothing with the playback. It only affects the Captivate editor area.

          Cheers... Rick