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    way to control which compiled help appears to user?

    pmbirch Level 1

      Just to provide a little background--I have been working with Robohelp for years as an author but basically have no technical expertise. I write topics, press buttons in robohelp to generate compiled help, and that's it. So here's my issue:


      We will be generating help in different languages and will have a different compiled help  for each language. Since a single client using our software may have employees speaking different languages, we will be installing help for each possible language that can be used with the installation of our software. What we want to do is to be able to have the employee click on a context sensitive help button (which we do now) but open the appropriate help for their language. I guess the idea is that the employee might have to enter some parameter indicating the language, and then the appropriate help opens. Is this something that can be done through Robohelp itself, or would I have to have a developer figure something out on that end?