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    Flash CS3 AutoFormat Unformatted AS 2.0

    breez11 Level 1
      I have been noticing that when using the auto formatting feature in CS3 it will add semi-colons before and after curly braces and remove correct indents in code. According to Senocular of senocular.com has noticed this also and has posted some info also. This is a huge issue for me since I have been using it for 5 years now and is hard coded into my instinctive developing habits and twitches. Also I have recently inherited a project that was developed by another developer that is about 600 lines of code and due to CS3 most of it is not formatted correctly and is a huge eyesore to edit. Will there be a patch, fix, or is this a byproduct of having another feature enabled that can hopefully be disabled when developing in AS2?