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    Switching to smaller OS drive on new system?

    moroccodriver Level 1

      I finally received my custom-built system (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/675850?tstart=0) and have installed all the software.  But before I start tweaking or going online or making any changes, I'd really like to be sure I can always get back to the "factory fresh" state.


      I'd also like to be able to replace the new system's 1TB OS drive with my old 500GB drive.


      I downloaded some highly-rated freeware for disk recovery from CNET (both Easeus Todo and Macrium Reflect) and made disk images both before and after I installed all the software.  However, I can't test the disk recovery because I believe that you can't recover to a disk smaller than the original.  Either that or there's something wrong with the recovery software or my implementation of it.


      So I'd like to try partitioning the 1TB OS drive down to two 500GB partitions so that I can make a disk image of a 500GB boot partition, then swap out the 1TB for my old 500GB.  From my research, I can't tell if this is dangerous or if you can simply do this on your C drive without causing problems.  I was just going to partition the 1TB drive in Windows 7 without using special partitioning software.


      Please advise if I should consider anything before doing this.  I don't want to ruin everything before I even get to try it out!  Thanks...