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    Still loose ability to drag and drop files in Project pane.

      In the last two weeks, I've had two instances where I lost the ability to drag and drop files within the Project pane. However, here's the kicker...the problem doesn't manefest itself until after I end my session, close RH, then restart the computer and restart the project. That means I don't know that I'm working in a broken project until AFTER I've zipped up and saved the current project. I tried addressing this in this orum once already and I received some suggested fixes (included in the list below) but it never fixed and and has happened again.

      Some pieces of information:

      - I've deleted the .xpj and cpd files, no joy.
      - I've regenerated the output, then tried to move a file, no joy.
      - I've generated a CHM (supposedy to update other files), no joy.
      - I'm not attempting to move a file to a directory where that name already exists
      - If while I'm having the problem, I create a nw project, new folders, and new topics, they move around fine.
      - If I create a topic IN the directory with the problem, I cannot move that file.
      - I've zippd up a broken project and sent it to Adobe. They openned it and it was fine. They zipped it back to me and it still wasn't.
      - If I create a new project, replicate my directory structure, and import the htm files into the new structure (a ubdirectory at a time), the files move fine.
      - I'm only working local on Windows 2000 with 30 GB of disk space, and I have not installed anything else on the computer in the last 2 weeks.
      - I've escalated this to the next level at Adobe and am sitting by my phone with my headset waiting for the call back "within the next two hours".

      Anyone seen this?