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    Update links back to the original file

    dmtetard Level 1

      Is there some script or something that updates all linked files through Illustrator and Photoshop?


      For example: making a car lettering.

      I have a PSD and placed it in an Illustrator car outline file and i make a car lettering design -> save as AI

      I place the AI in an InDesign file, add some text to it and export a proof PDF te send to the customer. -> INDD + PDF


      That's just an example offcourse of how we link to and from the 3 apps.

      Now  if I change something to the PSD, i have to (afaik) manually open each file one at a time, update  the links and save/export the updated file.


      Is it possible to give a command in the last file (the INDD in my case) to update all links back to the first file?