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    Case for PC build



      After some help and suggestions from this forum I’m already to start building my new computer. I’m just looking for my ideal PC case can be Tower or a midi (depth should not exceed 510mm).                 I have seen the Corsair Graphite Series™ 600T which would be my ideal except the depth is slightly deeper than I wanted. If anyone can suggest a case with the same features I would appreciate it, if not I will have to go with the 600T or the taller 700 even though it is slightly deeper than I wanted.


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          You know it, I know it, and she definitely knows it.  The bigger the better, and if you’ve heard differently then you ain’t sportin the bigger or better.




          Get the largest case you can find. It improves airflow, keeps temperatures better in check, eases installation, provides more room for expansion.

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            Bowler27 Level 1

            Thanks Harm

            Yes you are right I know it, problem is not so much the Height as the depth of the case. This should ideally be less than 520mm (21.47”) in order to fit the space I planned for it. The Corsair T600 along with their larger versions (Obsidian 700D & 800D) has the correct specification, everything I need in a case. If I am unable to find a case with a similar spec, I will go for the larger Obsidian 700D case and just to have to find a new home for it.


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              Baz R Level 3

              Hi, Mike


              Have a look at the lian li cases, very good quality, might be a bit pricey but worth it.



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                I love Antec, I used P182 for many workstations, actually I saw theres the P183 which should be the new version but never tried it.

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                  Bowler27 Level 1

                  Thanks Guy`s


                  I presently have a 3 year old Antec, so that was the first place I looked, later I checked out Lian Li as I know that they always use quality aluminium. However no-one really had what I was looking for, so I have gone with the “Coolermaster HAF 932 which has most of what I was looking for (But was just slightly deeper than hoped for)


                  Regards Mike

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                    what are you thinking about ANTEC DF-85 ? is it good ?