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    Mouse button releasing problem

    Armen_Zen Level 1
      IN A NUTSHELL---------------------------------
      how can i write this line in Action Script?
      while(mouse is not released) do {

      I want; to add a script to a button , btw i was using Flash CS3 professional and didn;t know you can't add a script to an object using as 3.0 so i was forced to use action script 2.0.

      I want to add a script to a button instance name "R" that will move the object instance name "timeline" to the left as long as you hold the mouse down. so i have this so far but it will only move the timeline with a single click.... see If i only knew how to write the while condition...

      // while(cord == true){
      // _root.timeline._x = _root.timeline._x - 10;
      // }

      Thank you....