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    Multiple column headers in a single DataGrid?

    peteandrus Level 1

      Suppose i wanted to display information on, say, invoices.


      So, i want to display one part of my DataGrid with only invoices from the last 30 days, the next section for 30-60 days old, and the third section is 90 days+ old.


      I want it to look, basically, like this:


      30 Days or less

      Customer         Days Old         amount

      Mr. X cleaning           15                20.76

      7-11                             3                   7.11


      30-60 days old

      Customer         Days Old         amount

      Barney's                  75                 12.34

      Watto's part shop    80              1200.89


      90 days or older

      Customer         Days Old         amount

      Sprint                   144                  30.63



      Is it possible to do this in a single DataGrid? I want the mulitple column headers, but want to be able to get rid of them and combine all this data into a single DataGrid with all invoices, if needs be. In that case all but the top column header titles would disappear.


      Any info on this is appreciated.