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    Question for InDesign pros...


      Is it possible to use InDesign to automate the creation of brochures for my clients via the web?  I would like to have a single InDesign template that my clients would fill out with photos and text via my website.  The options for photos and text would be fixed and they would not be allowed to customize the template to allow for more text or changing the layout of the photos. Their data would then be saved to a database which could be recalled at a later time.


      Then, if this works, the next step would be to have Adobe Flash show the clients what their brochure would look like before printing via the web.


      Any help is greatly appreciated... thanks!!!

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          Harbs. Level 6

          Yes. This is a classic use for InDesign Server. (Please note that it's a different product than InDesign Desktop -- and much more expensive).


          You would need to build some kind of web UI (using HTML/Javascript, or Flash, or what-have-you) to interact with InDesign.



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            EliezerReis Level 1

            Hey, first of all nice explanation,


            How can I receive notifications of changes that happen on a document opened by indesign server?
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              Harbs. Level 6

              What kind of notification do you need?

              SInce you are the one modifying the document, you should already know that you did that. No?


              FWIW, I'd probably handle something like this by writing a log of changes to either a text file or a database.


              If you need fancier stuff, (again, I don't know what you are after), you might be able to use scripting events to react to certain changes. If that's not enough, you'd probably need to write a plugin which attaches observers which record changes...