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    Copy Crash Cancer?


      I think my Flash file, or maybe flash in general has cancer.


      I'm trying to build this website, but every now and then my Library is flooded with Copies of everything.

      Suddenly there are 1000 copies of all my library objects.


      copy 1 to copy 100 of everything.


      then when I delete some library objects, they re-appear, sometimes more than one.

      Now my computer is lagging as this Flash Cancer eats up my CPU and I'm losing this race to delete what it's creating.

      Things I've deleted at the beginning of this project have come back here now during this cancer thing.


      I can't finish this website if I can't cure cancer!


      Anyone else having this problem? I don't know but it seems like it's just this file. It can't be code I wrote in Action Script because it doesn't happen when I test the movie or publish it, only while I'm working.


      Help me please!


      Well the Cancers had just corrupted my last good file.

      Here's some details.

      I have a scroll Pane and the Compenent has a problem too.

      This "ComponentShim" copies itself and then I get this error message for however many copies.


      "**Warning** The linkage identifier 'fl.core.ComponentShim' was already  assigned to the symbol 'Component Assets/_private/ComponentShim copy 9',  and cannot be assigned to the symbol 'Component  Assets/_private/ComponentShim copy', since linkage identifiers must be  unique.
      **Warning** The linkage identifier 'fl.core.ComponentShim'  was already assigned to the symbol 'Component  Assets/_private/ComponentShim copy 9', and cannot be assigned to the  symbol 'Component Assets/_private/ComponentShim', since linkage  identifiers must be unique."



      Here's a little more help:



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