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    Creating a Movieclip that functions like a button...


      Once upon a time I recieved the good

      advice to use Movieclips as buttons since they tend to be more reliable...


      This has served me well, but I've been designing a new sight and wanted to get more into Action Script to control functions to help improve both my programming and keep my file size down.


      So I decided to create an instance of a block (rectangle shape as another movieclip) and have multiple layers.  One which controls the actions of two other blocks.  The upper most block would not be visable until I ran the cursor over it (increase its Alpha property from 0 to 100 one step at a time in a loop).  This would reverse when the cursor ran off (reduce Alpha property from 100 [or less] back to 0 in a loop).


      I've read and re-read every flash book I own on the subject and cannot understand why I can't control another instance of a different movieclip.


      Any suggestions?