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    .fdf from server and .pdf as flex resource

    Fred in Orlando

      I'm building an internal app, so I'm not concerned about initial size.  Once developed it should be cached on the local box.


      I have to generate various 30 page PDF's that are already defined.  I can populate them on the server using a tool like pdftk and then download them to my flex app just like any PDF.


      I would like to only download the .fdf file and have the .pdf file as a resource internal to my flex 4 app.  The purpose is to conserve bandwidth when the app is running at remote facilities.


      It seems like the .fdf has an internal pointer to the .pdf, but I cannot seem to get it to work.  I'm guessing that the path is relevant to the directory that contains my .swf.


      Has anyone done this or can point me in the right direction???


      A snippet of my .fdf file follows:

      1 0 obj
      <</T(form1[0].#pageSet[0].MasterPage1[0].Resident[0])/V(Minnie Mouse)>>




      <</Root 1 0 R>>