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    PPBM5 disk i/o question

    pejaka Level 1

      Harm and Bill thanks for the PPBM5!


      I drove your test many times and found that my current three year old PC needs still more upgrade.

      Because I can't just now buy the whole set, GTX 480 graphics card seems to be good helper.

      One question though:

      I drove this test from my 5 disk RAID0 but I tried it also from my system disk and got almost similar result.

      How can 1 disk i/o be almost the same as 5 disk RAID's i/o,  222 vs. 219 secs?

      The system disk is Seagate 1T 7200.12 and the RAID disks are Seagate 500G 7200.10, two generations older.

      I tested the speed also with Blackmagic disk speed test, system disk's r/w is about 114 MB, and the RAID's r/w 285 MB.



      Pena, 11th from the bottom at the moment.

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          Do you have indexing turned on?  How full is the RAID array?  Have you upgraded the driver for your Intel Matrix Storage Manager?


          Notice that the test right above you is the same HP system with much slower disk performance (only two disk drives) and of course slower CPU's and also much less memory.  You have a great CPU intensive MPEG score.


          If you get any decent CUDA/MPE card you will immediately improve your total score by ~200 points.


          With your slightly older disks and a decent RAID controller you probably would expect closer to 400 MB/s.  The Intel controller does bottleneck at about your current rate.


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