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    MP3 in Adobe Presenter does not hold MP3 effects


      Technically, I know this is a Captivate forum, but I cannot find an Adobe Presenter forum nor am I going to spend the afternoon looking, so perhaps someone here can help. I know that Captivate and Presenter are second cousins....


      I have a simple, plain PowerPoint (PPT) I am converting into Presenter instead of Captivate 4 (Adobe E-Learning Suite 4). I've added voiceover and need to soften some audio effects (fade in/out). I've located the files, edited the audio in Soundbooth by adding the transitions of fade. I've double checked to make sure the transistions are in the file. When I re-publish the filesin Presenter, Presenter will remove the fade effect, leaving the harsh transistion.


      Does anyone have any idea why Presenter is removing the effects? I would have thought it would leave the MP3 intact.


      Thank you.