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    Network Monitor and Arabic


      Hi guys, I have a problem with my network monitor, Arabic characters display as ???? in raw view of network monitor. Is there any solution? thanks!

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          Kishan M V Adobe Employee



          What is the type of service (HTTP,Remote or WebService) you are using.

          If you are using a RemoteService then try sending data in UTF8 format




          Please let us know if this solves the problem.




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            dr_haydex Level 1

            Hi Mr.Kishan thanks for the fast response!


            I'm using a RemoteObject(generated using flash builder 4 data/services), and I have already inserted this statement inside the generated PHP service(within the constructor): mysqli_set_charset($this->connection,"utf8"); ...Flex components display the correct character format and also sends the correct format to the database, but the problem is that Network Monitor display only ???? in the raw view and response body in tree view is displaying the same error shown in the bug https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FB-26178 that you gave me, but I haven't understand where the solution is?, forgive me I'm really new to the bug base in Adobe.. I have also tried to test the service with Test Operation and results were fine! everything returning form the database is in Arabic. It seems that the problem is just with Network Monitor.


            one more thing to say: I didn't have this problem before, everything was fine.



            Haydex Kadhim,

            A researcher - Iraq.