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    Creating Loader FLA for SWF from ID


      Hi All


      I'm a designer who uses ID to create eBrochures. I can of course export SWF files and associated resources from ID to upload for web usage, but what I'm trying to do is create Full Screen projectors (amac and PC of these files)


      I have Flash Cs5, but know nothing about it. I can of course use the Flash PLayer Debugger to openthe ID created SWF and use the 'Create Projector Command' to make a self contained Projector, which is *almost* what I need. Only problem is the SWF is not / cannot be set from ID to open in Full Screen mode, so the projector inherits that characteristic.


      Is there some easy way to add some script to the ID file so it open full screen ?


      Or is there some kind of shell FLA I can get that would simply say something like "open content.swf and play full screen" then I can use that standardised name for my SWFs and make a projector of that ?