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    return var

      Hello Folks,

      Quick question, trying to do some action script however its not going to well.

      function testing() {
      envia = new LoadVars();
      flvURL = "BDAGMgdzVTFYel5tVCZUZQR3WzALPgl3";
      envia.r = flvURL;
      recibe = new LoadVars();
      envia.sendAndLoad(" http://localhost/web/crypto.php", recibe, "POST");
      recibe.onLoad = function(recibido) {
      if(recibido) {
      // return recibe.decrypted;
      } return [VARIABLE];

      myVariable = testing();

      Inside the code trace is working nicely, however when i am trying to return the var, its says UNDEFINED
      Please Advise!